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World Class Apps for a New Class of Heathcare Information

Soom bridges the information gaps between data sources so that patients, caregivers, providers, and manufacturers can access quality, trusted data about their healthcare products.

SoomSafety for Patients and Home Care Providers

SoomSafety helps patients and caregivers using medical devices in the home setting answer one question, Is this medical device safe to use?” 

Patients, caregivers, and home care nurses can scan medical devices to get instructions for use, safety, and recall information directly from manufacturers and the U.S. FDA.

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SoomScan for Medical Device Manufacturers

SoomScan is a free barcode scanning app for Medical Device Manufacturers. Using the iPhone’s camera, SoomScan instantaneously presents relevant information such as FDA GUDID data. 

The SoomScan app also features a GS1 UDI barcode validation checker that:

  • Checks against 128 GS1 Application Identifiers (AIs)
  • Validates field length
  • Validates types of characters
  • Validates combinations of character types
  • Validates date format
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