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Healthcare Providers

Soom Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Harmonizing disparate item masters and smoothing acquisition integration.

Cleanse and Enrich Data Across Diverse Item Masters

Healthcare providers are experiencing significant global growth, usually through acquisition. This growth creates an increasingly complex system of disparate enterprise databases that represent a number of item masters. These item masters vary significantly in terms of data quality. Soom harmonizes and enhances this data.

Soom’s data insight platform enables healthcare providers to cleanse and enrich the data in multiple medical device item masters so they comply with company, industry and governmental standards and regulations. This results in:

  • reduced inventory cost
  • increased compliance
  • improved patient outcomes

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Interested in the Soom solution for item master harmonization? Contact Soom and speak with the Soom in-house experts.

Press Release

Soom Named a Supply Chain Cool Vendor by Gartner

As a Cool Vendor, Soom is addressing the growing complexity of supply chain networks, responding effectively to competitive challenges and helping companies rapidly adopt new business models in the face of relentless change.

May 20, 2021

BOSTON Soom, a pioneer in utilizing technology to bridge information gaps between data sources and physical products, announced today that it was named in the April Gartner Supply Chain Cool Vendors, 2021 report. Gartner is the world’s leading research and advisory company. 

Soom in the News

How to Get More Mileage Out of Your Electronic IFU

March 11, 2020

Taking a bare-minimum approach to meeting the eIFU requirements of EU MDR could mean missing an opportunity to improve transparency in healthcare. Here’s how to use eIFU to provide stakeholders with greater confidence and clarity in medical devices.

Soom in the News

Health-tech start-up Soom opens new Rotterdam Office

September 16, 2019

Software-as-a-service startup Soom opens new Rotterdam office, where it will use proven technology solutions in new ways to advance the quality and safety of healthcare in Europe.