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Safety and Recall

Soom for Patient Safety and Medical Device Recall

Soom makes it easy for patients to know if a specific device has been recalled.

Confidence and Clarity for Patients

With home care on the rise, patients, family members and home care providers are required to take a more active role in healthcare activities including the use of diverse and complex medical devices. In the often unknown and overwhelming experience of caring for a loved one, Soom seeks to provide confidence and clarity to ease patients and caregivers.

In 2013, the FDA passed the Unique Device Identification (UDI) law to identify unique medical devices through their distribution, to create a new level of openness and accountability, and ultimately to educate the public and save lives. Soom is the only company to marry mobile image recognition and open source data to stitch together meaningful data. The result is reporting on recalls and safety about unique medical devices with the ease of a mobile scan.


The free SoomSafety app empowers patients and caregivers using medical devices in the home setting, as well as those relying on implants to answer the question,​“Is this medical device safe?”

With a simple scan of a medical device or patient implant card, patients, caregivers and nurses identify a product and store that product. Once a medical device is stored, SoomSafety checks for FDA recall information, provides next steps in the event of a recall and pushes notifications if the device is ever recalled in the future. In addition, the app displays safety and use information for stored devices.

SoomSafety App

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