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Safety and Use

Soom for Patient Safety and Use

Giving home care providers and patients clarity and confidence about how to use medical devices.

Access to Information

As a home care provider, family member or patient accessing information about how to use a medical device should be easy. Unnecessary blocks to public data endanger patient safety. Soom is rethinking how proven technology, open databases and science can improve safety, collaboration, efficiency and equality throughout the healthcare industry.

Soom gives medical device manufacturers the ability to deliver Electronic Instructions for Use (eIFU) and video instructions about medical devices directly to patients and skilled home care providers.

Focus on What’s Important

Starting with a simple mobile scan, Soom eIFU solution automatically identifies medical devices and delivers the most accurate digital information including language specific eIFU. With confidence and clarity about how to use a medical device, skilled home care nurses are able to focus on what they do best — caring for patients. And patients are able to focus on what’s most important — their health.

illustration showing medical devices beaming data to mobile phones.

About This Diagram

Soom delivers accurate, on-demand safety information, eIFUs, educational videos and other relevant information about a medical device, giving patients and caregivers confidence and clarity.

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