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SoomSafety App

SoomSafety App for Patients and Caregivers

SoomSafety is the first mobile app to close the information gap between the U.S. FDA, manufacturers and medical device users to provide patients and caregivers confidence and clarity. 

Empowered by SoomSafety

SoomSafety empowers patients and caregivers using medical devices in the home setting, as well as those relying on implants to answer the question, Is this medical device safe?”

With a simple scan of a medical device or patient implant card, patients, caregivers and nurses identify a product and store that product. Once a medical device is stored, SoomSafety checks for FDA recall information, provides next steps in the event of a recall and pushes notifications if the device is ever recalled in the future. In addition, the app displays safety and use information for stored devices.

Know Your Medical Devices

SoomSafety is the first app to utilize openFDA, open-source databases created to enable developers to use FDA data. This year alone, 26 medical device products have been recalled, affecting nearly 50 million individual devices in the United States. Too often recall information about an exact medical device is difficult to find. At Soom we believe patients, caregivers and skilled care nurses should never wonder if a medical device is safe. Instead they should be empowered with easy to access, immediate answers and actionable information. 

SoomSafety App Key Benefits

  • Scans medical device barcodes to automatically identify a medical device
  • Stores medical devices in your Product List”
  • Checks for current FDA recall information
  • Provides next steps in the event of a medical device recall
  • Displays safety and use information specific to your products
  • Groups medical devices for easy organization and access
  • Lets you customize group names for optimal user personalization
  • Pushes notifications if a stored medical device is ever recalled
  • Lets you to delete stored devices which have been used