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Medical Device and Pharma MFGS

Creating enterprise data collaboration to keep the complex global supply chains moving and delivering better patient outcomes.

Solving for Supply Chain, Regulatory Compliance, and Safety

Soom understands the many challenging complexities facing medical device manufacturers today. From product backlog to new global trade and compliance regulations.

Rethinking Healthcare and Technology

Meaning breath,” Soom encapsulates all that the company stands for. Like a breath of fresh air, Soom is rethinking how the healthcare industry uses proven technology and science — knowledge graphs, semantic search, machine learning and supply chain management — to improve visibility, safety, collaboration and efficiency throughout the healthcare value chain.

The Soom Data Fabric Layer for Data Collaboration

Soom’s data fabric layer does not create copies of business data, but instead connects original data sources. The elimination of duplicate data and traditional integration results in safer and higher quality data, as well as the ability to more efficiently build and deploy new enterprise-grade solutions. 

Soom Data Fabric

How Soom Works

The Soom platform uses semantic search and augmented data management to create the data fabric needed for enterprise data collaboration. Soom’s data fabric creates a logical network of datasets that operate similarly to the human brain. 

Soom’s network-based approach to integration draws from private databases, such as SAP and Oracle, as well as public databases, like the openFDA. The Soom platform filters that data against industry standards and custom rules to extract, contextualize and assemble the most relevant information. The information distilled by the powerful Soom platform is seamlessly accessed by users through any number of workflows, such as:

  • analytics and data insight
  • electronic Instructions for Use (eIFU) websites
  • regulatory data submission
  • output for labeling software
  • item master
  • mobile applications

Soom mobilizes the power and efficiency of technology to advance the quality and safety of healthcare. For everyone.