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Medical Device and Pharma MFGS

Soom Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturers

Creating enterprise data collaboration to keep the complex global supply chains moving and delivering better patient outcomes.

Solving for Supply Chain, Regulatory Compliance, and Safety

Soom understands the many challenging complexities facing medical device manufacturers today. From product backlog to new global trade and compliance regulations.

A Unique Approach to Data Collaboration and Accuracy

Accurate master product data is critical for medical device manufacturers. Without it, costly supply chain errors can occur and patient safety is at greater risk. The Soom data fabric layer ensures accurate master product data by seamlessly connecting multiple data sources, including openFDA, Unique Device Identification (UDI) barcode data, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and product lifecycle management (PLM) systems. 

The Soom platform is an information retrieval and ranking system which uses a powerful knowledge graph and semantic search to extract, contextualize and assemble the most relevant information across the entire healthcare value chain. The information delivered by the powerful Soom platform is seamlessly accessed by users through any number of custom workflows.

For medical device manufacturers, some workflows may only require data from their own internal sources. In this case, the Soom API easily allows the client application to specify what sources are acceptable for their workflow(s). This is backed by a robust authentication and authorization system which allows fine-grained control of how data is accessed, and by whom. Because the Soom platform understands the relationships between data and data sources, Soom can highlight and help resolve data conflicts to cleanse data and keep systems working together— even when circumstances, regulations and processes change.

Illustration showing a conveyor belt, a mobile phone, and a delivery truck.

About This Diagram

Using a combination of database systems, barcode and UDI standards, and semantic search, the Soom data fabric layer bridges data gaps and accurately identifies products to ensure data accuracy and keep products moving.