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Global Labeling

Soom for Global Labeling

Create on-demand, compliant labeling without changing existing processes and systems. 

The Challenge is Getting Quality, Trusted Data

Manufacturers are working to solve the complexity of EU MDR and beyond, while implementing aggressive growth strategies. The lack of data collaboration and insight hinders both compliance and growth. Today, manufacturers cannot confidently and easily access quality, trusted data about their medical device products.

Soom Delivers Data Collaboration and Flexibility to Global Labeling

Soom Knowledge Graph Illustration

The Soom platform delivers a frictionless way to create clean, quality data in a comprehensive, cost effective way that you can trust. Soom uses semantic search and augmented data management to take complex data and provides a fast, simple way to obtain relevant information that solves complex business problems—such as global labeling. Soom empowers forward thinking medical device manufacturers to use existing enterprise data systems and manual processes to deliver the quality, trusted data required to print global compliant labels.

The Soom platform creates a data fabric layer that sits on top of enterprise systems ensuring data being transacted between systems is timely and accurate. All labeling software requires custom integration to other enterprise systems, including manual process controls. There are two ways to eliminate the risk of bad product data. The traditional control is creating custom software rules and changing business processes that lock in current regulations. However, custom integrations with software rules do not scale and are expensive to maintain. The global growth and ever changing global regulatory environment require manufacturers to be nimble and look to a new approach. 

At the core of the Soom global labeling solution is the flexible Soom platform. The Soom global labeling solution is delivered as a closed-loop system ensuring the product label is compliant with the end user’s requirements. First, the Soom platform utilizes all existing data sources to easily extract, contextualize, and assemble clean, trusted, relevant product data. Second, the Soom global labeling workflow validates, and delivers the accurate data to the existing labeling solution. Finally, Soom validates the printed label with the Soom universal mobile scanning app ensuring the printed label is accurate.