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Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Soom Solutions for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Providing product information and delivering improved patient outcomes.

Easily Access Information. Increase Patient Safety.

As a pharmacist, healthcare provider or patient accessing information about how to use a pharmaceutical should be easy and accurate. Starting with medical devices, Soom proved how technology, open databases and science can improve safety, collaboration, efficiency and equality throughout the healthcare value chain. 

Now Soom has launched SoomPharma in conjunction with GS1 and pharmaceutical manufacturers, Bayer, GSK and Roche to demonstrate the ease and value of accessing a language specific eLeaflet associated with a specific pharmaceutical product via mobile scan barcode. 

Focus on What’s Important

Starting with a simple mobile scan, Soom eLeaflet solution automatically identifies a pharmaceutical and delivers the most accurate digital information including language specific eLeaflet. With confidence and clarity about how to use a medication, providers are able to focus on what they do best — caring for patients. And patients are able to focus on what’s most important — their health.

Learn More

Interested in delivering eLeaflets to users from a mobile scan? Contact Soom and speak with the Soom in-house experts.