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Press Release

Soom Introduces Solution to Modernize Electronic Instructions for Use with First-of-its-Kind Mobile Scanning Feature

Soom technology enables compliance with the upcoming EU Medical Device Regulation, and opens the door to improved patient engagement and safety

March 11, 2019

BOSTON – Soom, a pioneer in utilizing barcode technology to bridge information gaps between data sources and physical products, announces today a solution that enables compliance with the electronic instructions for use (eIFU) requirements (from EU No. 207-2012) included in the European Union’s upcoming Medical Device Regulation (MDR). The solution is the first to offer medical device manufacturers the option to develop a mobile scanning application that eliminates the search process and guards against user error. It’s also the only solution that automatically delivers IFU in a user’s preferred language, providing quicker access to this critical information.

Soom in the News

25 Supply Chain Experts Reveal the Best Tactics to Optimize a Supply Chain

What’s the single best tactic to optimize a supply chain?” Hear from a panel of experts, including Charlie Kim, Soom CEO.

February 26, 2019

Getting customers what they want, in a timely manner and at the lowest possible cost (without sacrificing quality) is the foundation of any product-based business. If you’re spending too much to meet consumer demands, experiencing delays in getting products to end customers or production disruptions, it’s time to focus on optimizing your supply chain.

Soom in the News

Keep Calm and Carry On… And Other Outlooks We Can Apply to MDR Implementation copy

February 1, 2019

With just over a year remaining before the EU MDR and IVDR regulations go into effect, many in the medical device industry are shifting their compliance efforts into high gear—a somewhat tedious task given the industry is still waiting on functional specifications for Eudamed. Our President and CEO Charlie Kim shares more on this topic in his recent MedTech Intelligence article.

Press Release

121nexus Announces Rebrand to Soom”

Soom brings a passionate problem-solving approach to unlocking healthcare information for improved quality and safety outcomes.

December 6, 2018

121nexus, a pioneer in utilizing barcode technology to bridge information gaps between data sources and physical products, announces today its new company name, Soom. Through the rebranding, the company is also declaring its exclusive focus on the healthcare industry that goes hand in hand with its mission — to harness the power and efficiency of technology to advance the quality and safety of healthcare. For everyone.