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Revealing Healthcare Product Information to the World

Soom connects disparate databases, weaving together various data threads to deliver the most accurate and relevant information.

Rethinking Healthcare and Technology

Meaning breath,” Soom encapsulates all that the company stands for. Like a breath of fresh air, Soom is rethinking how the healthcare industry uses proven technology and science — barcodes and supply chain management — to improve safety, collaboration, efficiency and equality throughout the healthcare value chain.

How Soom Works

Soom draws from private databases, such as SAP and Oracle, as well as public databases, like the openFDA. The Soom cloud-based platform then filters that data against industry standards and custom rules to extract, transform and load the most relevant information. The information distilled by the powerful Soom platform is seamlessly accessed by users through the universal Soom scanning app or the Soom Software Developer Kit (SDK).

Soom mobilizes the power and efficiency of technology to advance the quality and safety of healthcare. For everyone.