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Supply Chain

Soom for Supply Chain

Gain the visibility needed to reduce backlogs while improving distribution efficiency and saving money.

Increase Efficiency. Optimize Resources. Improve Safety.

Soom provides a simple, unified solution to eliminate errors in the supply chain, increase efficiency in operations, optimize resources, and improve safety. 

With the help of Soom, medical device manufacturers save time and recapture lost costs within their supply chain caused by data errors. Supply chains account for more than 40% of medical-device costs. With annual spending of about $122 billion, even minor efficiency gains could free up significant dollars for manufacturers.

Healthy Product Lifecycle Management Ecosystem

To keep the global supply chain moving, medical device manufacturers require a healthy product lifecycle management (PLM) ecosystem — Soom brings innovation to the PLM ecosystem.

The Soom data insight platform makes it possible to query information dynamically, reconcile data conflicts, and fill in the gaps between related data. Because the Soom knowledge graph understands the relationships between data and data sources, Soom highlights and resolves data conflicts to cleanse data and keep systems working together — even through acquisitions and processes change.

Seamlessly integrated with manufacturer’s standard operating procedures and disparate data sources, Soom automatically:

  • Validates product labeling
  • Ensures global trade compliance
  • Reconciles master data against Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprises Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Fixes data collisions and errors
  • Keeps products moving globally

By combining the power of semantic search and mobile scan, Soom enterprise solutions significantly reduces costs and backlogs while improving distribution efficiency for manufacturers.

Illustration showing a conveyor belt, a mobile phone, a desktop computer, and a delivery truck.

About This Diagram

If Soom detects errors, further action such as updating company databases, customer documentation and/or modifications or additions to the product labeling happen rapidly to ensure that products reach their destination and can be sold.

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